Cub Scout Pack 198

Sunset Trail District, Cascade Pacific Council

Overview of Cub Scouts

This is information taken from the Pack 198 brochure that is handed out each year in August
to all boys in grades 1-5 at West Tualatin View Elementary School.

Cub Scouts is part of the larger national organization of Boy Scouts of America. The order of ranks that can be earned if a boy joins at the earliest age possible is as follows:

        Cub Scouts:
                Tiger Cubs     - 1st graders
                Wolf           - 2nd graders
                Bear           - 3rd graders
                Webelos I      - 4th graders
                Webelos II     - 5th graders


"Do Your Best"


"Search, Discover, Share"

The Tiger Cub program is designed to introduce first grade boys and their adult partners to Cub Scouting. Each boy/adult pair selects a theme from one of 17 "Big Ideas." They serve as hosts for a month, during which one meeting is usually held in the home and a second gathering involves a field trip. The Tiger Cub and his family are encouraged to attend the monthly Cub Scout pack meeting.


This is the very first rank that EVERY boy MUST earn when entering Cub Scouts. The purpose is to instill in the new Cub Scout, the 8 "tracks" or basic tenets of Cub Scouting including the Cub Scout promise, motto and the law of the pack.


Wolf cubs must complete 12 tracks to earn the Wolf badge. During their work at home and in the den, each scout is encouraged "to do their best" with themes from our Flag, and feats of skill to knowing their home and community and awareness of home and personal safety and their environment. Once they earn the Wolf badge, they can earn arrow point badges which compromises of electives and choices each boy can make on his own.


Like Wolves, Bears too must complete 12 tracks, but they can select from a total of 24. These achievements are categorized into God, Country, Family and Self sections. They receive "progress toward rank" beads and can earn arrow points once they are awarded the Bear badge.


These older Cub Scouts prepare for the transition into Boy Scouts. They earn activity badge pins in up to 20 activity areas that introduce them to a myriad of career possibilities. More independence is evidenced as the boys complete most of their activities in the den setting. Besides the Webelos badge and activity pins, these boys strive to earn the Arrow of Light badge, Cub Scouting's highest honor.


"Be Prepared"

The Boy Scout advances through the ranks of Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, & Life on his way to Eagle.

Last updated March 10, 2002

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