Activity Segments
What are segments?

Segments are small patches offered by our Cascade Pacific Council to recognize Scouts participation in pack or den events.  Segments are unique to our council and are not official Cub Scouts insignia.  Example events with segment awards include Blue and Gold, Scouting For Food, camping, archery, bb guns, hiking, fishing and participating in fundraisers.  Here is a complete list of segments available through the Council.

How do we award segments?

The advancement coordinator works with event leaders to determine which events earn a segment.  Event leaders should maintain an event roster for each event that awards a segment, then turn that roster in to the advancement coordinator for awards purchase.  These segments are purchased by the pack at the Nor'West Scout Shop and awarded to participating scouts at den or pack meetings.  

Where do segments go on the uniform?

Segments should be placed on the uniform surrounding the Sunset Trail District patch, located on the right pocket.  As Scouts progress through the Cub Scout program, their segment circles grow, showing their cumulative participation in Cub Scout events.