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Welcome to our new website!!

posted Nov 4, 2016, 11:23 PM by Webmaster Pack 198
Welcome to our new Pack 198 website!  The website is grounded in the #KISS principle (Keep it Simple, Scouts!).  The goals of this site are:
  • Simplified communication
  • A polished, informative recruiting tool
  • On-boarding information to welcome new families
  • Low maintenance with relatively static content
  • Mobile device compliant

Our Pack calendar and advancement is managed in Scoutbook but that information is not publicly available.  This website syncs the Scoutbook calendar so it's available publicly without logging into Scoutbook.  Our Calendar page will also provide instructions for subscribing to the pack and den calendars on your personal devices. 

We will be adding additional content over time such as a New Family Welcome packet, Pack Organization Manual, and Committee Bylaws.  The Scouting 101 and Join Us! pages will provide a comprehensive recruiting tool as well as online application to simplify the on-boarding process. 

What you won't find on here is a blog with lots of new, rotating content.  That requires care and feeding to stay relevant, then looks old and stale when the webmaster gets busy, bored or moves on to Boy Scouts.  All Cub Scout leaders move on eventually.  I'd like this website to outlive my time with Pack 198 and remain useful for future Scouters.

During my previous stint as a Cubmaster at Pack 383 in Beaverton, I built a website using ScoutSite.  The goals were similar to this website, and it's still operating and useful seven years later.  That website is a simple, functional, but older interface that doesn't work well on mobile devices.  This website is my attempt to built a website for 2016.

Have a look around, kick the tires, and give us feedback.

Thank you,

Jim Sifferle - Cubmaster